Welcome to PS 557 Spring 2012

Welcome to PS 557 Spring 2012 Kentucky Government and Politics! For those students who are not able to access our OpenClass site, you may find the syllabus here:
PS 557 Syllabus Spring 2012

The reading assignment for Friday is the 2008 Measures and Milestones report from the now-defunct Kentucky Long-Term Policy Research Center. You may access the report at http://kltprc.info/books/2008trends.pdf http://kltprc.info/books/books.htm.

Here’s your assignment for Friday:

One task of every budding futurist is to keep abreast of current news and trends. To get started on this, I want you to use Google Reader to do some basic environmental scanning. For Friday, I want you to:

  • Find 10 online news sources or reputable blogs that report on issues relevant to Kentucky government, politics and/or policy. Open these up in tabs in your browser.
  • Log into your UK Google Account and then log into Google Reader. You can do this by logging into your UK Gmail account, selecting More from the top toolbar and then selecting Even More from the drop-down list. Scroll down until you see Google Reader on the right and then click on that link.
  • Use the orange SUBSCRIBE button in the upper left-hand corner of the Reader window to subscribe to these sites (press SUBSCRIBE then copy-paste the URLs from your tabs into the area provided, one at a time).
  • Create a Bundle of your subscriptions by going to “Browse Stuff” and then selecting “Create a Bundle.” Follow the instructions provided onscreen.
  • After creating your bundle, click “Create a Bundle Clip” for your blog or website. Copy the html code in the window provided.
  • Then, share the bundle with me by going to Submission to respond to this assignment. Paste the code into the submission window if it will allow you to do so. If not, then email me with the code in the body of your email.

If you cannot access OpenClass, please contact the Service Desk at 218-HELP (4357) to request access. If you do not have a UK Google Apps account, please go to http://ukam.uky.edu to open your account. You MUST have a UK Google Apps account for this course.

Again, welcome to the course. I’m looking forward to a great semester working with you to explore the futures of Kentucky!


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