Welcome, BGR Guests

Just a hello to everyone coming here from BlueGrassRoots. I’d like to say thanks to Ben for the link. I’ve been very interested in what’s been going on over at BGR for a while now, and have had some fantastic conversations with Ben about social media tools and progressive activism, and I hope to do some posting on that over at BGR and here at my main blog very soon. Ben, I also promise to send that email about Twitter very soon!

Ben caught me a little unprepared with the link, so there’s nothing really new or “on-task” at the top of the page as I’ve been doing some offline writing lately. I apologize for the light – in terms of both frequency and content – posting so far this summer. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you’ll come by again soon. I’ll be blogging a bit about social media, open source politics/Politics 2.0 over the next few weeks and then discussing the structure of the Obama campaign’s social media strategy starting in July (which is related to a current offline writing project).

So, welcome! If you’d like to say hi, please leave a comment on this (or any other post), send me an email (christopherscottrice AT gmail DOT com) or say hello on Twitter (twitter.com/ricetopher). You can also reach me at my Facebook and LinkedIn profiles (located on the sidebar to the right).


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