Saturday Night Live Regrows a Backbone, Attempts to Get Political Again


When I was a kid, SNL did great political work. It was funny, irreverent, and – most importantly – offensive in an equal opportunity fashion.

I was afraid that even though the earlier SNL Clinton skits were pretty funny (the one starting out with Hil trying to get Bill out of her chair for the commercial spot was True), they would be pushovers for the Clinton machine and just act like the sheep of the Mainstream Media. Now, a skit like this a week ago would have been better, and SNL is hardly bucking the Mainstream Media here. However, it has that slightly mean tint to it that all good SNL political work has had over the years, which makes it a good clip. “Dick in a Box” is funny and all, but SNL mostly has been about being safe and commercial, the antithesis of those early years, which is why I rarely watch that beater of a sketch show. Moves like this tempt me to start watching again.

Note to Lorne Michaels: More Please!


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