Could the panel on Meet the Press GET any more out of touch?

For some reason, I find myself strangely drawn to Meet the Press when Timmy has his usual panel of consultants on (Carville, Matalin, Shrum, & Murphy). Right now, they’re discussing the recent charges of “elitism” against Barack Obama. Carville is trying deperately to spin this, and Matalin and Murphy are pouncing on this with glee. Carville continues to descend into some glossolalia about how he owns guns, and many people go to church and have social values, blah blah blah.

Shrum actually manages to speak a bit of truth: Obama goes to church. Shrum is from a small town in Pennsylvania destroyed by the globalization of the manufacturing and is trying to tell this incredibly elitist panel that, believe it or not, people are pissed off and bitter about this. (Matalin tries to spin the “glories of globalization” here, but Shrum tells her to try to sell that in small-town Pennsylvania. I love a good smack-down…)

Shrum makes his best point when he says that none of them on the panel have to deal with the type of economic difficulties/realities that people in Pennsylvania have to deal with. FINALLY. Somebody, and who woulda thunk it would have been Shrum, points out the elitism in the room, the elitism in Washington in general. By definition, Washingtonians are elitist. They live in the emerald city, largely hanging out with other wealthy, mostly white, upper-class, well-educated, economically secure. THAT’S ELITIST.

9:30AM: Carville still trying to point out that Obama is an elitist. Still hasn’t answered the earlier suggestion by Shrum that Clinton should ease off of this, as Obama just finished paying off student loans, and has never come close to $100 million in his lifetime. Plus, Clinton has been living in a bubble for the last 25 years, which by definition makes her out of touch with average Americans. Nobody’s really answered that issue, yet. I doubt they will. Because then you’d have to get into McCain’s vast wealth, or rather his wife’s vast wealth, and that would bring up all sorts of uncomfortable comparisons to Kerry and the wealth of HIS wife that were made by Republicans in 2004.

Matalin says Obama not as good a candidate as he thinks he is. Wow. Such intelligent commentary. Very similar to what I get on Rate My Professors.

In short, you have a panel of elitists, spouting off about the supposed elitism of the least elitist candidate in the race, simply because he had the cojones to talk about the anger and dissatisfaction of rural America in an honest, non-focus group-approved, non-Beltway insider consensus manner. Wow.

Could the panel on MTP GET any more out of touch?


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