The Coolest TV Funhouse EVAH! (Corporate Media Edition)

Deus Ex Malcontent has put up this terrific TV Funhouse video (of SNL fame) lampooning the corporate media. Interesting tidbit, according to DEM, this video was considered by NBC Standards and Practices to be too offensive, and so was only run the once.

I’m definitely using this video in the Media and American Politics lecture series in PS 101 this semester. Rock on, Robert Smigel!



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2 responses to “The Coolest TV Funhouse EVAH! (Corporate Media Edition)

  1. It’s one of our favorites here too ! We produced it with the original SHR artists and they loved it as much as WE did ! BTW – You’re only half right. It truly aired only once. After showing live simultaneously in the east and midwest, it mysteriously didn’t make the later feed during pacific time. . .

    Cheers, J.J.

  2. Christopher Scott Rice

    Hi J.J.,

    Thanks for the clarification on the air times for the clip. That’s great that the SHR people helped out on that. I love this clip, and I think the students in my Intro to American Government class will really get a lot out of it.

    Thanks for having the courage and creativity to make such an awesome clip!


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