“Hi, I’m an Obama.” “And I’m a Clinton.”

So, the NYT ran a story yesterday comparing Obama to a Mac and Clinton to a PC.

This feels about right to me. There is something very Mac-ish about Obama, though it’s difficult to put my finger on. The NYT article is discussing the styles of their websites and other campaign web presences, but I think a good argument could be made about overall approach and candidate styles. Clinton’s entire approach seems very “Dude, you’re getting a Dell!” to me, which is not a good thing. Obama seems to be taking more of a right-brain oriented approach to politics, whereas Clinton is completely left-brain oriented in her style, approach and policies.

Not that Kentucky’s primary is going to make a rat’s ass ounce of difference, but I suppose I’ve made up my mind on who to vote for. I’m a Mac person not so much because Windows sucks but because the Mac approach to working and understanding and experiencing the world feels right to me, largely, I believe, because of my very right-brain oriented way of seeing and experiencing the world. I feel drawn to Obama for the same reasons.

So there it is. We’ll see how it plays out this evening. My suspicion is that we won’t know the Democratic nominee until after the Pennsylvania, Ohio and Texas primaries, starting in about 6 weeks. But I sincerely hope it’s Obama.

One last thing: if Obama is a Mac and Clinton is a PC, does that make Ron Paul some weird distro of Linux?


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