Software Geekery: Switching to Ubuntu?, Songbird, Flock and more

I am a died-in-the-wool, kool-aid drinking Mac fanatic. Most of you who know me are aware of this. However, as Apple has grown its market share recently, it has started making some curious moves, including filing for a patent on a built-in piece of spyware that acts curiously like Windows Genuine Advantage, calling back to HQ every 5-10 minutes to make sure you haven’t built a Hackintosh. This move makes me extremely uncomfortable (though I don’t know why anyone would WANT to run OSX on a PC, but whatever). Apple has always been cool with the privacy issue, but now that things are moving past cult status? Perhaps not so much. If Apple goes through with this, it would make me extremely receptive to making my next system an Ubuntu system.

Which leads to the question: what to do post-iTunes? I hate that I can’t get everything DRM free on iTunes, whereas Amazon has a good (and growing!) selection of DRM-free tracks available. Eventually, if Amazon ever improves the interface, I could see shopping there for music as opposed to the iTunes store. Which then leads to the next question, related to the earlier issue of moving to Ubuntu: what player/music manager to use in a post-Mac, post-iTunes environment? I recently ran across some good reviews for an open source (and you know how I feel about supporting open source) music player/manager called Songbird. This looks like a fantastic option and runs on Ubuntu (as well as Windows and Mac). I love that it’s on an open source Mozilla platform, and has several extensions already made (with more on the way). I assume it has a Gnome interface as well as KDE. Does anyone know about this? (When it comes to Linux, I’m definitely a Gnome man, never liked KDE.) Does anyone have any other non-iTunes, non-proprietary music players/managers they like? I would welcome some suggestions.

Since I’m being a contrarian here, I should also mention that I’m considering giving Flock a try as my full-time browser now that they’re out of beta. Now, don’t get me wrong. I love all the extensible goodness of Firefox, but I love that Flock has all the social media goodness baked right in, fress out the pack. Plus the UI is nice too. Anybody know of a reason (other than Greasemonkey) why switching to Flock would be a bad idea?

Okay, enough software geekery. But, I’d love to get some feedback on this one, especially from my Ubuntu and open-source nerdz out there.


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One response to “Software Geekery: Switching to Ubuntu?, Songbird, Flock and more

  1. Songbird is actually a XUL app (like Firefox itself) and will work just fine in either GNOME or KDE (without needlessly pulling in the entire stack/environment of libraries required by either)

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