Democratic Debate/Primary Observations (Yeah, Hillary’s lost it)

From the debate last night (h/t TPM for the clip):

Hillary is never more annoying than when she gets all defensive about being a change agent. She comes off as whiney. Please, Sen. Clinton, don’t whine. Don’t come off as frustrated because mere mortals are questioning your positions or your inevitable candidacy. You just come off as a sore loser, the person who felt they were entitled to something and then didn’t receive it. It’s extremely unappealing.

Look, you can’t have it both ways. Either you are the candidate of experience and maintaining a certain course of action, or you are the candidate of new approaches, a new vision, a new method. You can not be both. Hillary thought that by maintaining a position that “if you elect me, you know what you’ll get” (i.e., Bush lite), she would carry an air of inevitability. Unfortunately for her, that “air of inevitability” is starting to look a lot like inevitable failure.

The more frustration she shows, the more she seems like someone who really shouldn’t win. Or, at least, isn’t going to win. I’m not counting her out. Her organization and political skills are too great for that. But she seems like she’s starting to lose it under the pressure of having to come up big in New Hampshire. Sad, really.

And for all you people for whom Obama’s acceptance speech brought back memories of Bobby Kennedy…just stop it. Please. Everything doesn’t have to be viewed as some sort of reflection of a 1960s experience. Accept the man on his own terms. Political life is not necessarily a replay of the experience of your youth. Really.

Oh, and would the news media PLEASE pay a little more attention to the fact that Edwards came in 2nd in Iowa and could still do decently in NH? What does the man have to do to get a little press? The media is like an old dog that gets hold of a bone and locks in and won’t give it up no matter what. The “Obama vs. Hillary” storyline has been the media’s bone for months. Sad, really.

Please note, I have not endorsed or announced my personal support for any of the candidates, Democrat or Republican. They are all flawed to some degree or another, and I’m having a hard time getting excited about any of them. But that’s grounds for another post later in the week.


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