A New Semester Dawns

I love the beginning of the semester. Syllabus finalization, re-reading the course texts, revising lectures and PowerPoints…it’s like the smell of freshly cut grass signaling the beginning of baseball season. Smells like…victory. Of course, I’m a nerd. I’ve always looked forward to the start of school, going back to the beginning. Yes, since I’ve arrived at the Other Side of the Desk I’m always depressed by the end of the semester, but still…the beginnings are great! 😉

I’m really looking forward to this semester, and I don’t mean that in an Eddie Haskell kind of way. I’m trying a lot of new stuff in my American Government course (and expecting a barrage of “bias” complaints due to the reading list, though that isn’t my intent. AT. ALL. Seriously.), adding a few things to the Kentucky course, and teaching American Political Thought for the first time. I’m very much looking forward to using Fight Club (book, not movie) and Second Life in that one. There’s also a good group of veterans (students who’ve had me for multiple semesters) in that one, which always makes intense courses like that fun.

I’m also teaching in Memorial Hall for the first time. Yes, I’m an anarchist, and i shouldn’t respect tradition so much, but as an alumnus (TWO. TIMES.) of the University of Kentucky, I still get a bit of a chill when I think of Memorial Hall, with the strains of the alma mater song running through my head. It’s nice to come back to one’s alma mater as an instructor and give back a bit at the altar of tradition, the way I received so much from my instructors years ago.

Alright, enough of all the emotional mush. Batteries to power! Turbines to speed! Buckle up, Boy Wonder, it’s going to be a hell of semester!


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  1. Mikey Williamson

    Im about finished with fight club, way better than the movie.

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