Rate My Professor Posters Can Be Real Punks…

Especially when they do obvious “hit” posts after receiving a bad grade. I mean, seriously, how can you trust a rating given by an anonymous student after they receive their grade? If they got a bad grade, they’re pissed and want to get back at you somehow (and often they will lie to do it – surprise!); if they got a good grade, they are mostly responding to their feelings of satisfaction after receiving said grade. RMP is a fantastically crappy site that doesn’t seem to me to provide any real value. Most ratings of professors are just bad reviews – bad in the sense that the reviews aren’t very good, not that they are negative reviews. Actually, most of my RMP reviews have been nice and somewhat flattering. My ego appreciates it. (Also, consider this: some professors are hip to the gaming that goes on at RMP and create false accounts to inflate their own scores or trash rival faculty members.) There – I’ve said my 2 cents worth.

On the other hand, I wanted to frame the rating comment which referred to me as “a good professor who thinks he’s great.” That one I liked. Or the ones that said how full of myself I am.

Kids, of course I’m full of myself. Do you have any idea of how much ego and sense of self importance it takes to stand up in front of hundreds of strangers (students) three days a week, be passionate about what you do and try to get them to go along with it (when most of them could seemingly care less, especially in the lower-division courses)? I know, there are many incredibly boring professors who hide behind the podium for an hour, and maybe these folks have a bit of the old stage fright. I never really suffered from that malady. Why? Because I’m full of myself, of course. All good presenters are.

Now, whether I am, in fact, full of shit is a different question entirely. I leave that to your discretion.

PS, I might feel a little better about RMP if I could just get that elusive chili pepper. Where’s my damn chili pepper?!? I have good hygiene! I wear hip turtlenecks! Am I not sexy enough? (Well, I suppose I’ve answered my own question…)

PPS, just because you don’t agree with what I say, it doesn’t mean I’m wrong, even if “specialists in their field” say something to the contrary. Believe it or not, I’m a specialist in my field(s), and I have disagreements on certain matters with other “specialists in my/their fields.” Academia is hardly full of people who think in lockstep and agree on every issue, including what the “great thinkers” meant on every issue, and how you might extrapolate from that to current issues. Take that for what it’s worth, YMMV.

PPPS, I am descending into narcissism here. I promise not to look at RMP again for a while. It’s unhealthy and clearly pisses me off.


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