Chimps Smarter Than College Students (I suspected as much)

 Further proof that college students need to put down the Xbox and study harder. Forget Globalization: the chimps are coming to take your jobs!

“OK, humanity: time to pull up our socks. In a test of rapid number recollection, college students were resoundingly outperformed by a young chimpanzee.”

I fear I must take this new information into account when developing my syllabi for next semester…



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3 responses to “Chimps Smarter Than College Students (I suspected as much)

  1. I, Senor Settles, take offense to such claim. The Xbox increases our eye hand cordination. We do not need to count, for KERA has instructed us to us a calculator. A calculator is an object that requires hand eye cordination. So i claim that XBOX is good for all students

  2. Elwing

    Ahh Senor Settles, besides your interesting name you have given your self away as the enemy. The college student. With the use of the pronouns “our” and “we” we can clearly see your alignment. This was obviously trying to be concealed from us. Wait…. I said “us” and “we”! disregard that, I am not part of an evil group bound to destroy all college students once and for all!

  3. senor settles

    Actually the name came about on the title for an ole blog. When i went on a trip, we stopped at senor frogs. So i was pretty bored and named it senor settles. So it has sticked with ricetopher, and that is what i go by now in the blog world and twitter world…..

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