Why I am an atheist #72

Ahhhhh. Another fine clip from the greatest comedy on television, The View. The hits just keep on coming. Behold, as the flat-earther of the group tries to maintain that Jesus and the Christians pre-date the Greeks, Romans and Polytheists everywhere.

Seriously, where do they dig crackpots like this up?



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4 responses to “Why I am an atheist #72

  1. Patrick

    I love the “not on paper” comment. That should be the catch-all response to all religious claims.

  2. Lindsay

    Sadly, I was having a sick day and actually witnessed this on tv. I nearly flew out of my bed I was laughing so hard.

  3. Matt

    I heard these idiots say that they wanted Hillary to be president for the SOLE reason that they liked Bill Clinton. Exactly what “View” do these women represent? I guess that is better than voting for her because of her classy pant suits.

  4. Christopher Scott Rice


    I love – L-O-V-E – The Big Dog, but personally cannot abide Hillary. Voting for Hillary to get some more Bill is just absolutely stupid.

    But, I don’t recommend watching The View for its witty public policy commentary. Whoopie just came out against the estate tax, but her reasoning betrayed a complete misunderstanding of th estate tax, to whom it applies and what its purpose is.

    And, as Lindsay pointed out above, it can be hazardous to your health. You know, falling out of bed laughing and such. 🙂

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