One Last Thing – November 8th

EDIT: The talk will be at 6pm NOT 6:30 as previously announced. My error. 

The promotional materials should be going out soon for the talk I’m giving for the UK Student Activities Board’s “One Last Thing” lecture series on November 8th, 6:30pm 6pm at the W.T. Young Library Auditorium. This lecture series asks faculty members to imagine what lecture they would give if it were their last, what parting wisdom about life would we have to share. I finally had to cough up the title for my lecture for the posters going up. Are you ready? (SPOILER WARNING!!!)

“DISOBEY!: or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Became an Anarchist and an Atheist.”

Considering that the last talk was about the importance of keeping your Christian faith in college, this talk ought to be fairly incendiary. I’m really looking forward to giving this particular talk. I tend to mask my own personal political views pretty well in the classroom. One Intro to Political Theory student told me yesterday he believed I must be a conservative capitalist. In all the years I’ve taught that class, no one has successfully guessed either my personal political or religious views. I’m pretty proud of this. But I promised my students, current and former, that I would use this opportunity to come clean, reveal all, etc. etc.

So here it is. The lesson in all this, kids?

Be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.



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8 responses to “One Last Thing – November 8th

  1. Brett Nolan

    Ah! I’m excited about this one. And I have to admit… I guessed wrong.

  2. Christopher Scott Rice

    Not to worry Brett. No one ever guesses correctly. Or guessed, I should say. I suppose the cat’s out of the bag and amongst the pigeons now.

    Incidentally…what was your guess?

  3. Brett Nolan

    I would’ve guessed you were a Marxist, but not a fan of Lenin, Mao, or any of the others. I think I would have guessed atheist, though, if I was thinking about your religious views.

  4. Steven Neace

    You had me stumped to. I had you figured to be a moderate, perhaps with liberal tendencies. I am really looking forward to this talk. What can I say… I am a sucker for a Dr. Strangelove reference. Rock on!

  5. Seth Slone

    *Jaw drop* After watching “Escape From New York” and talking about my views of Anarchy last semester in class, (I discussed misconceptions of Anarchy and my positive take on it) you never revealed your take to me. I do believe your ability not to push your views on students is one of many positivies you bring to the classroom. Count me in November 8th.

    Now I have two questions:
    1. Can I call you Snake Rice?
    2. So your not voting for Fletcher?


  6. Erik Hungerbuhler

    I for one, will be looking forward to hearing a talk like this so soon after the election.

  7. matt gross

    I figured the atheist part, but not anarchist. However, each time we started a new unit I could tell you didn’t buy it. Until now.
    Your lecture will def kick ass. I can’t wait to hear about the elusive, enigmatic dr rice.

  8. tracie c.

    so for those of us who did not make the lecture (stuck in texas), will you be posting highlights?

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