How to Raise Your GPA This Semester

Over at Pick The Brain, there’s a good article on “7 Strategies to Raise Your GPA This Semester.” i would recommend that all my students take a look at this article and follow the advice it offers. Students are always asking me, “Dr. Rice, how can I get a good grade in this class?” Most of the time, my advice echoes what’s in this article, so from now on, instead of repeating myself over and over, I’m just giving out the URL to the Pick Your Brain article.

Some of my favorite tips?

1. Go to class – you’d be surprised how often students miss out on this strategy. Somehow they get the idea that now that they are in college, they don’t need to come to class. Don’t believe the hype. Come to class (prepared!) and pay attention, which leads to…

3. Take notes by hand – I’ve read several studies recently that indicate that taking notes by hand, and not typing them directly into your laptop or phone, increases your retention and understanding of the material. Type them up later if you wish, but start out with the old fashioned notebook and pen. Also, as the article mentions, don’t rely on downloading the instructor’s PowerPoint. Bad strategy all the way around.

5. Go to office hours – there’s a reason we hold these things, folks. so that you’ll actually come to us for help BEFORE a major problem erupts. I’m here at the same times every week. Where are you?

Check out the article for more on these tips and other great advice for success this semester. You’ll be glad you did.


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