Embedding YouTube Videos in a PowerPoint presentation

Fantastic! Here’s a video illustrating how to download YouTube videos and convert them for use in a PowerPoint. I’ve been dying to find a way to do this. It requires some extra freeware (see this Lifehacker post for more, including links to the required freeware), but it’s not terribly difficult to do. I’m looking forward to trying this. I love using YouTube in class, but it’s a real drag moving back and forth from PowerPoint to YouTube – it really breaks the flow of my presentation. It’s also difficult when you use the PRS clickers like I do for my large classes and the software doesn’t like the PowerPoint session being interrupted. Anyway, enjoy!


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4 responses to “Embedding YouTube Videos in a PowerPoint presentation

  1. Emanuel Vargas


    I stumbled across your site while searching for ways to embed YouTube into PowerPoint on a Mac computer. Still no luck. But I was a little surprised and flattered that I came across this site because the video you have posted here is the one that I myself created a while ago. I’m really glad to see that it’s helping students as well as teachers alike.

    I read your description and thought you might benefit from my other video tutorial on Embedding YouTube into PowerPoint without the need to convert the video first. Basically, if your presentation is on an online computer with access to YouTube, it is possible to “stream” the video directly to your presentation.

    Please take a look at my tutorial and comment if you think it is beneficial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yzUxNbi1h4


    Emanuel (reponzo01)

  2. Eve Lippold

    Hello, how do you embed Youtubes into Mac powerpoints? I’m a teacher, too, and I love using them judiciously in class. I only wish their quality/sound/resolution was better, but that’s another issue.



  3. http://www.zamzar.com solves the issue pretty good. You simiply receive the download link into your email inbox.

  4. Hi Chris

    I see we landed on your auto-generated related posts: Embedding YouTube videos into PowerPoint.

    Will def. be checking out the blog here, seems we blog on similar stuff.

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