A Few Recommended Websites from My Feed Reader

Open Left – I was sad when these guys left the MyDD site, but now I’m really glad they did. Not only do we get to keep the hardcore election strategy and analysis of MyDD, but we also get this very thoughtful and insightful blog on building a progressive governing majority. I never fail to come away with something useful to my work on Web 2.0 technologies in politics and activism when I visit the site.Presentation Zen – If, like me, you obsess over presentation design, then this is the site for you. Posting is relatively infrequent (the author is working on a book at the moment, for which I wait eagerly), but comb through the archives. I guarantee that you will find at least one helpful tip within the first 5 posts that will greatly improve your PowerPoint decks.

Open the Future and Beyond the Beyond – the blogs of Jamais Cascio and Bruce Sterling, my two favorite futurists. Bruce is taking his summer vacation at the moment, but should be back in a few weeks.

Motto Magazine – Why haven’t you subscribed yet! The magazine about making meaning through work. The blog always has something inspiring and thought-provoking.

Lifehacker – tools for daily web 2.0 living.

Suicide Girls (parts of the site are NSFW) – What I love, love, LOVE about Suicide Girls is that it is rapidly becoming an essential alternative web culture hub for me. Warren Ellis and Wil Wheaton both have a column there now, and I’m enjoying the newer writers I’m running across on their news feeds. The interviews they periodically conduct are always great (it’s where I found the David Mamet interview from my last post). Check it out! (I especially recommend Warren Ellis’ Sunday Hangover column.)

Hopefully you’ll enjoy these sites. I’ll put up a few more from my feed reader each week. If you have some essential sites in your feed reader, I’d love for you to pass them on in the comments. And let me know what you think of the sites listed above. Thanks!


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