Faux News: Keeping it (Un)Real

My dislike of Bill O’Reilly is no secret. After hearing Jenna Jameson spill about his between segment banter with her on a HTS special, it all made sense, that slimy, crawling-skin sensation that popped up whenever he was on. The condition was only worsened by that clip of his recent “interview” with the Miss New Jersey who apparently doesn’t understand how Facebook and the Interwubs work.

At any rate, Steven Colbert once again gets it spot on (tip of the hat to Daily Kos):

[New Note: I can’t seem to embed Comedy Central videos here at WordPress.com. Any tips? Meanwhile, here’s the URL for the video: http://www.comedycentral.com/motherload/?ml_video=90419.%5D

Note: It continues to Piss Me Off that Comedy Central has an “expiration date” for its videos. Talk about a network with no clue as to how viral marketing works! Anyway, this clip expires August 25, so get it while it’s hot! Comedy with a Freshness Date, Christ on a crutch…


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